Beautiful resting place with dignity Interbugo

About Us

"INTER-BURGO" has its etymology in Spanish and means
"a harmonious village with everyone's heart and will".

Bareumi Hotel INTER-BURGO, the company name of Daegu, is the first five-star hotel in Daegu.
It is a harmonious village with its roots in Spanish and with the hearts and minds of everyone.
It contains a management philosophy that "people who share the same mind and mind gather together and
work together to live sincerely."

Hotel floor guide

Bareumi Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu is located in Mangwoo Park on the Kumho River, the gateway to Daegu, has the best facilities, including 325 rooms, an international convention hall, and the best pipe organ of 51 stops in beautiful scenery and clean air. The hotel is Daegu's first-class hotel opened in 2001 and has been selected as a five-star hotel by the Korea Tourism Organization (as of 2019). In addition, the hotel has held many conferences and international events both at domestic and abroad, and many VIPs from domestic and abroad have visited.
We will do our best to have a comfortable and enjoyable time while staying at our hotel with the intention of offering even a cup of water with care.


When using Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu Signature, you should not change the absolute proportion, size or spacing, and the color should also comply with the color regulations.