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Tourism Information

ourist Information Representative Phone
Tourist Information Phone 1330 is Korea's tourist information representative phone that guides domestic and foreign tourists about domestic travel.
Donghwasa Tourist Information Center 053-939-0080 Dongseongro Tourist Information Center 053-252-26960
Daegu Station Tourist Information Center 053-660-1432 DongDaegu Station Tourist Information Center 053-985-0980
Yakhyeong City Tourist Information Center 053-661-3324 Deagu International Airport Information Center 053-984-1994
EXCO Tourist Information Center 053-601-5237 ourism Discomfort Report Center 02-735-0101
Cultural tourism commentator

Cultural tour commentator kindly guides the culture and history of Daegu at major tourist attractions. If you want a high-quality cultural tourism experience, please join the cultural tour commentator.

  • Time of commentary10:100~18:00 (January to February, October to December : 10:00 ~ 17:00)
  • Lunar New Year, Chuseok Holiday Winter season (except December and January)
  • Museum, Lee Sanghwa house is closed on Monday.
  • Yakhyeong-si Han Museum, Seomun Market, Daegu Bangja Organic Museum, and Nokdong Seowon also work in winter (December and January)
Group Reservations and Inquiries
Daegu Metropolitan City Tourist Association

Group tourists (more than 10 people) are advised to make an advance reservation.

International AirlinesDaegu
Section Time Section Time
Beijing → Daegu Airport 1hr 50 min Shanghai → Daegu Airport 1hr 50 min
Domestic AirlineDaegu
Section Time Section Time
Incheon Airport → Daegu Airport 1hr Jeju Airport → Daegu Airport 1hr
Airport LimousineDaegu
Section Time Section Time
Incheon Airport → DongDaegu 4hr 50 min Gimhae Airport → DongDaegu 1hr 20 min
Section Time Section Time
Seoul → DongDaegu Station 1hr 40 min Busan → DongDaegu Station 45 min
Daejeon → DongDaegu Station 45 min Gyeongju → DongDaegu Station 15 min
Express busDaegu
Section Time Section Time
Seoul → DongDaegu 3hr 40 min Busan → DongDaegu 1hr 10 min
Gwangju → DongDaegu 3hr 30 min Daejeon → DongDaegu 2hr
Intercity busDaegu
Section Time Section Time
Gyeongju → Daegu 50 min Pohang → Daegu 1hr
Andong → Daegu 1hr 10 min Gimcheon → Daegu 1hr 10 min
Northern Intercity Bus Terminal : 1666-1851,
DongDaegu Composite Transit Center : 1666-3700
Call Taxi

Call Taxi is available within 5 minutes from all over Daegu city. Traffic flow on major urban roads and outer ring roads is smooth, so you can access the desired attractions in a short time.

Call taxi : 053) 424-1111