Convention Banquet for Successful Large Events

Convention Banquet




Providing state-of-the-art equipment for large-scale events such as international conferences and interpretation services in five countries, the Banquet Hall will product weddings, cocktail parties and receptions to match the nature and size of the meeting.

International-level Hotel Inter-Burgo's Banquet Hall, including academic conference seminars.
Used for various events, not only music but also musical instruments.

The modern style convention hall is an international level banquet hall that can perfectly accommodate international conferences, seminars, dinner shows, fashion shows and weddings. The lobby of the convention hall is 376 pyong and can accommodate about 50 booths, so there is no shortage to utilize it as another exhibition space.It is hoped that you will have a successful banquet at the convention hall, which offers stylish and distinctive dishes in a custom form.
The blue organ case and the bright horizontal stripes allow the audience to appreciate the spectacular view, as well as the background of the organ when playing the instrument.
As well as music for all kinds of enjoyment, a wide range of music, including newly composed music, can be played, and also a system for recording and replaying actual performances is attached, which can be used for weddings and other occasions.

Support Equipment
  • Front banner (center)

    14.28m  x  1.5m
  • Front banner (left and right)

    10.8m  x  1.5m
  • Left and right banners

    12.6m  x  1.5m
  • Left and right Screen 450inches

    Front : 3EA
  • Beam Projector

    Fixed 3EA(15,000 lm)
  • Whiteboard

  • Microphone(Cable 6EA, Wireless 4EA), Piano

Banquet Consultation
  • Location

    Main Building 2F

  • Scalarity

    Area52.9m x 34.8m / 1,840㎡

  • Accomodation capacity